The 3D moon lamp: an original gift idea

Have you ever dreamed of going to space and walking on the moon? Unless you are a lover of unique items? Indeed, you do not need to be a fan of the stars to appreciate the beauty of this 3d moon lamp.

The moon has always had sacred symbolism. We observe it at our leisure as it remains so full of mystery. This 3d moon lamp reproduces the nuances between light and shadow simulating the craters of this enigmatic satellite. Placed near you, you will see yourself traveling through space, providing well-being and calm.

Design and original, the 3d moon lamp is the perfect gift that will please your loved ones.Here are the three main reasons:

1. You can change the color of the lamp for different moods

3D Moon Lamp

You canez adjust the color of the moon lamp according to your wishes: you have the choice between an enchanted and mysterious moon in cold tones or a bewitching and romantic moon in warm tones. The intensity is also adjustable to take advantage of a nightlight mode or a real lamp that illuminates. The color and intensity of the moon lamp are adjustable with a simple touch using the touch button located under the lamp

Set the moon lamp on the yellow light when you want to bring a warm touch to your evenings with friends. It will give you the impression of a real moonlit night. Choose white light when you just want to get lost in thought and meditate in sacred silence. It will remind you of the world of dreams, imagination and the unconscious.

As much as we could say that the photo rendering will necessarily be far from reality, when we receive this moon lamp, we are superbly surprised. Very pretty, bright and running on mains or battery, this lamp / nightlight is the delight of my children.David P.

2. Rechargeable by USB cable so you can take it with you everywhere

3D Moon Lamp

Rechargeable by USB cable, this unique object will shine for many moons. Its subdued light, which evokes the world of dreams, the imagination and the unconscious, is perfect and can stay on all night. Wireless, you can take it with you wherever you go when you move to another room.

The moon lamp can be used for 8 to 30 hours depending on the intensity after 2 to 3 hours of charging.

The quality of this decorative object is at the rendezvous, this moon lamp really looks like the real one. There is a USB port to be able to charge it when it no longer lights up, it's very convenient because it works like a cell phone. So when the moon lamp is on there is no need to leave it connected to its wire.Emilie M.

3. More than a simple lamp, a decorative note of excellence

3D Moon Lamp

Anyone who you show this lamp to won't be able to help but admire the details. Especially since it perfectly reproduces the shapes and colors of the moon. It was designed using layer by layer 3D printing technique to make the moon look real.

The moon is a divine and enchanting symbol, it represents mystery, pleasure and romanticism at the same time. This star, to which we attribute magical and even mystical powers, can now be very close to you, in any room of your home. Turn a banal night into a unique and enchanted experience today thanks to the moon lamp.

The moon lamp will easily find its place in your living room or on your bedside table for a decorative touch of excellence. To offer to your loved ones, your family or your friends, or to offer to yourself to please yourself and decorate your interior.

“I bought the moon lamp for my wife's birthday and she loves it! She turns it on every night until she falls asleep. Being able to adjust the color and intensity is significant.It goes perfectly with a small romantic dinner.– Antoine V.

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